Afraz Entessari
Interdisciplinary Artist
Place of birth: Iran
Date of Birth: 22/09/1986

2012-2017 –  Bachelor of Arts – Fine Arts (Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague)

Summery of Resume
Transhumanism (human,animal, alien)
Performance & research project, exploring modes of
‘intelligent recording’ of early human. Based on study and
personal experiences. Consisting of Booklets (artistic
research) photographs and stage and my other works. In
collaboration with:
Stage – Ivo Bakker
Graphic design – Karina Zavidova
Photography – Anna Kieblesz & Eric de Vries
Performance assistance (Announcer) – Hany Saad
Protagonist & directing – Afraz Entessari (myself)

Tiny Black Box – there is someone inside me Performance/
dance inspired by japanese Butoh Dance. In
collaboration with former dance student and
graduate of Codart academy: Lieke Verheul.
Soundtrack, stage, photography by myself.

Prophetic Delusion – Drawing & Asemic writing /Calligraphy

Different Audio/Visual works and experimental short films in
collaboration with:
composer – Alexander McEwan
Narrators & castings: Samira D’Amato, etc.