Tamar Blom
Place of birth: Tilburg, Netherlands
Date of Birth: 14/6/1992

2010 – 2014 HBO, Theatre, Mime. Amsterdamse Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten, Amsterdam

Summery of Resume
‘Study for Figure’ Performance. Wild Vlees Production
‘Een monument van God’ performance commissioned by Het Zuidelijk Toneel
ECCE – Monthly performance night in SSBA Salon, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.
Curator on behalf of Wild Vlees in collaboration with Errol Boon on behalf of SSBA Salon.
‘Apocalypse: The second horse’ Installation. Wild Vlees Production
‘An incomplete life’ Performance. Collaboration with Francesca Lazzeri. Wild Vlees Production
‘When Everything Is Human, The Human Is An Entirely Different Thing’ Performance. Collaboration with Francesca Lazzeri. Wild Vlees production.
‘Body On’ & ‘Body On/Off’ Performance. Collaboration with Kajetan Uranitsch. Wild Vlees production.
‘The Rain Keeps Falling’ Performance created for Zeecontainer program, Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam. Wild Vlees production.
‘Suddenly Everywhere Is Black With People’ / ‘De Repente Fica Tudo Preto De Gente’ by Marcelo Evelin. Role: Performer.
After short: ‘Black with People’