About Aria Residency

Aria Residency is a not-for-profit space which provides artists, curators, writers, and researchers the opportunity to live and create work in Tehran. By providing the accommodation and studio for Iranian and international residents, Aria aims to extend the mobility inside the country and outside and engage the local artists with the non-Iranian ones for a specific period of time. This will create the more cultural exchange and dialogue for both sides and will develop the Iranian contemporary art and culture. Aria offers a community in which the residents can participate and connect to the art scene, so they can get the most out of their stay.

Spaces & Services

Aria Residency has three rooms to accommodate artist, a shared studio for them to work, two toilettes and one bathroom to be shared. A well-equipped kitchen is there for artists to cook and eat. The studio is equipped with the basic tools and artists will benefit from weekly curatorial guides of Iranian art masters and some studio visits. Residents are not required to present finished work at the Open Studios event, however this will be an opportunity to interact with the local community and artists. In the building’s backyard there is a small cute café where artists can buy food or drinks or meet friends and guests. Free pick up from the airport will be provided for artists on their arrival.

Aria has no funding available in Iran and is unable to support any financial cost for accommodation, the stipend for living expenses, visa, airfare or the work. Artists are expected to be able to pay for their costs or seek grants or fund from arts organizations to cover their residency. Once accepted, Aria will provide letters of support to assist with grant applications.


  • Individual Iranian & International Applicants

Iranian and international artists, curators or writers who are interested to take part in Aria Residency and develop a specific project and immerse in the Iranian local art scene are welcome to send us their information via online application form provided in the website. The applications will be reviewed by the board and our group of curators. Artists will be notified of the result by email and then the best possible time for both residency and artist will be confirmed.

  • Group Residencies

Aria receives applications from the group of artists from Iran or other countries who want to make a residency for a specific time all together.

  • Exchange Programs

Aria works with some other international residencies in form of exchange. In this form we are basically in contact with the other residency and in collaboration with them, we organize a mutual program. Artists by the origin of both sides can apply through the online application form and the selection process will be done by the jury team from both Aria and the other residency. Each program will be consisting of two parts, once in Iran and once at the other country.
In these programs accommodation and the studio will be provided by both residencies for free, though artists have to pay for their airfare, living costs, and work (or seek for funds).


Aria Eghbal – Co-Founder
Ceemin Golshan – Co-Founder and Director
Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh – Curator & Art Consultant

Curatorial Board

Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh – Photographer
Sasan Gharedaghlou
– Painter
Sina Dadkhah
– Writer

Member Of