How does a Trump administration budget affect your community?

As Trump’s first budget proposal goes into effect, the White House is expected to cut more than a billion dollars from community programs, according to a report from the non-partisan Center for American Progress.

The report, which tracks spending cuts in the president’s proposed budget, said that Trump’s proposed $5.8 billion reduction in federal funds for the Department of Housing and Urban Development would hit low-income residents the hardest.

Housing is one of the administration’s priorities, and the report says it would save the government $5 billion in the first year of the cuts.

Trump’s proposal also includes a $3.9 billion cut in the Environmental Protection Agency, which has been criticized by environmental groups for its record-setting pollution.

The cuts come just months after Trump announced a $2.7 billion cut to the agency.

The budget also includes $4.5 billion for a plan to reduce the number of police officers and fire fighters.

While Trump is proposing a reduction in funding for the EPA, his administration has already proposed a $4 billion cut, according the report.

In addition to the proposed cuts, Trump’s budget would cut $2 billion from the National Institutes of Health, which receives $3 billion in funding.