When you’re dead, how will you live?

The residents of the remote town of Eveline, about 30 kilometres west of Montreal, are still mourning the death of their local resident Evil, whose body was discovered in a body bag outside their home on Saturday.

“I was on a boat on the lake.

When I saw the body, I started screaming,” Evelines resident Julie St. Laurent told the CBC.

“I was crying.”

The couple’s house was surrounded by a perimeter fence, and St. Louis had set up a makeshift tent.

But soon, they realized that they were trapped.

The couple called the authorities, who eventually opened fire on the family and rescued them.

After a brief stint in a hospital, St. Laurels was released and returned to the village.

But there was one thing they hadn’t planned for: the end of Evil.

“He was our neighbour,” St. Jerome said.

“But he wasn’t in our house anymore.”

When asked about his experience, St Laurent said he never expected to return to the community.

He said he was “disgusted” that the community had to endure the death.

“I didn’t want to leave it to people to fix the problems.

I thought it was a waste of time to do that,” he said.

However, St Louis said he didn’t have any plans to take his own life and that he will now spend the rest of his life with his wife, Danielle.

A local funeral service was planned for Monday, with St. Bernardis Parish Council hosting the service at the home of Evelyn Pecourt, the village’s head priest.

The funeral will be held in EvelINE.

Evelines residents are not the only ones grieving Evil’s death.

Residents of the nearby village of Le Bouchon have also mourned Evil’s passing, and several residents have set up makeshift camps to mourn the loss of their neighbour.