How to get an Indian visa on arrival

New Delhi: An Indian visa can be obtained on arrival for foreigners who arrive from the country on an Indian passport.

In order to get the visa, the foreigner needs to show the passport he or she has obtained on an online portal like MyGov, said a senior official at the department of foreign affairs.

It is difficult to get a passport online in India.

It is expensive, and even if the passport is genuine, the Indian authorities are not always forthcoming about the details of its contents.

It takes at least a month to obtain a passport from the Indian government, after which it is forwarded to the Ministry of Home Affairs for processing, he added.

Foreigners arriving on Indian passports are supposed to obtain the necessary visas on arrival by paying an application fee.

But the application fee varies from one state to another, and it varies from state to state.

In Maharashtra, the fee is Rs.2,000 for an Indian, and Rs.3,000 in Uttar Pradesh.

The fee can be waived if the Indian is a tourist and has been staying in the country for two years.

The same applies for foreigners travelling on official passports.