‘Animal Crossing’ sequel will be a big ‘Animal,’ says producer

Posted December 07, 2018 06:15:50A new trailer has surfaced for the next installment of “Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” the series that spawned the franchise and its sequel.

In the trailer, the player finds out that the residents of New Leaf are not the ones who are trying to enslave humans.

Instead, they’re just trying to help each other.

New Leaf: A Tale of Two Towns is a spinoff from the game’s original series that follows a group of friends who decide to create their own island, and a bunch of other creatures that live there.

It follows the adventures of a small group of villagers, including a bear, a rabbit, and more.

In a new interview with IGN, series producer Yoshiaki Koizumi said that the second installment would be bigger than the first, but it would still follow the same basic plot.

Koizumi also spoke about how he plans to introduce new animals to the game, like the wolf.

Koizume said that it will take time to get the animals right, but the new animals will help players understand how to interact with the creatures.

He also said that he wants to add a lot of variety to the animal community.

Koiza also talked about the idea of adding a third town in the series, but said that this is a difficult task to pull off.

The game already has several towns in the Animal Crossing universe.

Koizo also talked up the new game’s story.

He said that while the story is not that big, the world of New Lane is just as huge.

The world will be full of puzzles, but also a lot more action, as well.

He also spoke up how important it is to introduce a new species to the series.

Koizo said that there is no other species that can be as big as the “A” and “B” species.

He did not mention the foxes, though, but Koizumas previous statement said that foxes will be introduced in the future.