Resident Evil reboot ‘not the most exciting’

A reboot of the first Resident Evil game has been shelved, despite a new release date.

The game was set for release in 2019, but Capcom’s new director Kazunori Yamauchi says it won’t be the most “exciting” game in the series.

“We are not the most excited to see Resident Evil 7 or 8 but we want to show that we are prepared to make something that is even more exciting and fun,” he told Polygon.

“The game is still under development, but we are working very hard to do something really special.”

Yamauchi said the team had been working on the game for “several years”.

“We have been working with the studio for many years, but it’s not been a very exciting experience,” he said.

“You have to give a lot of credit to the team, but I would say they have really done a really good job.”

The game’s sequel was originally planned for 2019, and Yamauchis team has been working to get it ready for that date.

“It’s not as exciting as we wanted it to be, but if it’s what the fans want we’re all on board,” he added.

“They want a Resident Evil that’s fun, and it’s something that they can enjoy and be a part of.”

Yumekazu Ohira, who was the first person to take over the reins of the series, said the reboot was an “excitement” for fans.

“This is a very unique franchise and the game is not only about the new player, but also the team and what it means to the franchise,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I’m sure there will be some fans who will enjoy the game, but for us it’s also about making sure that we deliver a great game that we all can be proud of.”

The reboot will also introduce new features for the series including new weapons, vehicles and an improved camera.