How do you feel about the Buckhead community?

The Buckhead is in a bit of a crisis. 

The neighborhood has been home to thousands of residents, mostly foreign-born, who have moved out of the area in recent years.

According to a recent study, roughly 80% of Buckhead residents are non-Hispanic white.

 As a result, the Buckheads population has been shrinking.

In fact, the number of Buckheads has dropped by nearly a quarter in the past decade, according to the study. 

“I think the Bucktowns problem has been a lot of different things,” said Jason Kroll, a local resident and community activist who has been campaigning against gentrification for years.

“A lot of people have been forced out of Bucktown because they can’t afford to pay rent. 

But what’s most concerning is the loss of the city’s character.”

Kroll is an activist who believes gentrification is a way of getting rid of communities without making any effort to preserve them.

“The only reason that you can get rid of a community is if you take the community,” Kroll said.

“If you can’t get rid the city will just go on killing itself.”

Kroll and other residents are organizing to push for a “community sovereignty” bill, which would allow the city to take control of communities.

The bill would allow Buckheads residents to vote on whether they want to remain in the city.

For years, the city has tried to appease residents by changing zoning rules to allow more development. 

Kroll says residents have not been happy with the changes. 

We have a lot more control.”””

We need to have more control over our own neighborhoods.

We have a lot more control.””

People don’t want to be pushed out,” Krosl said.

“I mean, we can’t move people to other neighborhoods. 

What we want is to be able to stay in the neighborhood, be the residents that we are.””

We’re a small community,” said resident James Pohl, who was living in Buckhead before gentrification.

“But it’s not like people just want to move out of it, they want people to live there and pay taxes, and so on.”

In an interview with FOX 5, Kroll says Buckheads people have had enough of gentrification and that they want a change in city policies. 

He says the Buckthes current administration is “a little bit of an outlier” in terms of how the city deals with the community. 

One problem with gentrification, Krosll said, is that it’s so sudden. 

When a Buckhead resident hears about a project or a new restaurant, they often expect a quick response. 

“[The mayor] is really focused on what he can do in a short amount of time, and he’s not thinking about what’s happening around the world,” Kross said.

Krosl says the buckhead is struggling financially.

He said residents don’t see a future in Buckheads. 

His mother, Mary Krosla, recently moved to San Francisco and is planning to buy a home there.

“We have a house and we’ve got a house,” Mary Kross told Fox 5.

“And I’m not saying I want a house. 

I don’t know why I would want to live in a neighborhood where we’ve lost our homes.”

Krosll says he wants Buckheads to be a more welcoming community, not just a safe neighborhood.

“I don’t think Buckheads should be a place where you feel unsafe to come to work,” Krols said. 

“I would prefer it be a home where people can live, where people feel like they can be themselves, where there are places for people to gather and socialize,” Korn said.