What you need to know about the hotel residency in Seattle

Seattle residents can expect to pay about $1,200 per night to stay in a hotel in the city’s upscale Westlake district, but it’s likely to be less than that.

Residents can pay as little as $1.50 per night for their hotel room, a price that can go as low as $800 per night.

The Washington Hotel Association, which manages hotels in the area, says that “it’s not unusual for guests to stay a little bit more than one night” for a room.

That said, it says it has no problem with guests staying in the hotel for more than six months.

“A guest staying in a Hotel is a Guest, a Person, and a Person is an Owner and the Hotel does not have the right to sell, lease, or transfer the Hotel to another person,” the association wrote in a statement to NBC News.

In addition to the standard room rate, the hotel is also responsible for providing breakfast, snacks, water, and laundry.

There’s no minimum number of nights a hotel can stay in the Westlake area, which is a popular location for international travel.

There are also rules on when you can go back to your home country, and the hotel must allow you to do so.

You may be able to travel in one room for two weeks, or stay in two hotels for four weeks, the association said.

But the association’s rules on international travel are vague, and it is not known if those rules apply to guests staying on a hotel’s premises.

In an effort to curb complaints, the city is looking to have hotels and other businesses move more often to stay closer to downtown, the Seattle Times reports.

Residents have complained about the high cost of living, but the hotel association says it’s working to address the problem.

“We are making improvements in terms of the occupancy rate, and we are going to continue to make those improvements,” CEO Joe Hahn said.