Conditional Permanent Resident to live in the city

The City of Winnipeg will allow Conditional Residents to stay in the downtown core after they leave their home state of Illinois.

The city council approved a resolution Wednesday approving a conditional resident’s residency in Winnipeg.

It was adopted with support from Councillor David Shoebridge and Councillors Mike Layton and Kevin Lamoureux.

Residents who have lived in the United States for six months or more, and are living in Winnipeg for more than a year, will be able to apply to stay, city spokeswoman Erin Gagnon said.

The change will apply to residents who are staying in the community longer than six months and for at least two years.

It will not apply to people who live in Canada or other countries.

The changes come on the heels of a report from the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board which said a large proportion of the 3,200 people who were denied permanent resident status in the past year were from other countries, including people from Syria, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

About 40 per cent of the people who applied for permanent resident permits were from one of the nine countries included in the CIRB’s report.