How to find your own ‘residence’

A new feature in Google News allows you to search for an image of your home and, by default, the name of the property.

The image has to be a living room or living room-style image and the word ‘residency’ can be used as a prefix.

You can also specify the name or address of the person who owns the property as a suffix and they will get the same results as above.

If you want to search in more detail, you can add a caption to the image, for example, ‘Residence’ or ‘house’.

The search results are listed in alphabetical order.

You get the search results for each property with a title and the property name, but the images are not linked.

The search result shows a list of images of your property, sorted by number of images.

The main search results page shows an image list of your properties with a caption and a list with a list in alphabetics of your available images.

You need to have a Google account in order to use this feature.

If you do not have a Gmail account, you will have to create one.

You’ll need to create a Google Account to search using the feature.

If your property has an image on it, you’ll see a search box with an icon and a ‘search’ button.

Clicking on the icon will open the search box.

The image on the image search box will show a list and the name and the address of your image.

Click on the name to view the property and then click on the address.

If the property is in the UK or Ireland, you should see a list, but you might not see the property in the list.

If the property doesn’t exist on the map, you need to add it manually.

Click the icon to open the property search box and then enter the address and the street name of your street in the address box.

If no street name is provided, a blank address will be displayed.

The property name will be highlighted.

If there is no property name shown, click on one of the images and the image will be searched for the property, even if it doesn’t appear in the property list.

Clicking on one or more images will show the location and a map of the image.

You can click on a map to zoom in and out on a property or view its map.

The results will be sorted by image number.

You will see a title for each image.

The title will say: ‘Residence image’ or ‘House image’.

The title also has a list on the right of the title with a number next to it.

Click any image to open its details page.

The details page shows a table of images in alphabetically ordered by number.

It shows the property’s address and a phone number.

The number is optional.

You may also click on an image to see more details about it.

If no information is given for the image and it doesn ‘sit’ at the top of the page, Google doesn’t show it.

You have the option to zoom out by clicking on a column heading, and you can also click a button to zoom back.

The map shows the location of the nearest street.

If there is only one street listed in the map but the image shows a different street, click the icon in the top right corner to see the location information for that street.

You also have the ability to zoom by clicking the arrow on the top left of the map.

You might want to check if the property has any residents.

You’re shown a list listing all the residents.

Click any image on that list to open that property and the details page will show information about the residents and the residents’ address and phone number, but nothing else.

You should be able to search by name or by street.

When you have a number of image entries, the images that you see on the results page appear in alphabeticals.

You will also see the names of the people listed.

If an image shows an address, it will also show an address in that location.

If a property has a street and a street name, the street is the street on which the property sits and the building number is the building on which it sits.

You don’t have to have Google+ for this feature to work.

The feature is only available for Gmail users.

The feature isn’t available in the US.