How to kill a family member for a child abuse porn case

A judge in Michigan has sentenced a family friend of an alleged child porn victim to life in prison for his part in the crimes.

The judge in the case said James Thomas, 51, who lives in the Michigan town of Lacey, committed crimes against a minor by “directly participating in sexual activity with an adult” and by sharing a computer with an underage person.

The Lacey Police Department said Thomas also received “serious threats” to kill his family members, including the victim’s son.

The Lacey Daily Herald reported that Thomas is the father of the alleged victim.

A woman named “Jane Doe” testified that Thomas had “sexually assaulted” her in 2013 and that she had a baby that was taken from her at the age of three.

Thomas was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree child abuse in that case.

Thomas has pleaded not guilty.