How did the ‘Wesker’ terror incident affect the future of Italian football?

The terror attack on the Casa Cesare Biscotti stadium in Rome last November left 19 victims dead, including two who were the president of the national church.

The incident also left the city’s most famous football stadium, the Vicenza Stadium, completely shut down for weeks, leaving many fans with a sense of emptiness. 

It’s been a tough year for Italian football, and for the Italian football team.

Despite their successes this year, the team has also been criticized for not being able to overcome their own past mistakes and failures. 

On Tuesday, Italian sports daily La Repubblica revealed that there are now three possible candidates to replace coach Alessandro Del Piero as head coach of the club: Italian football’s most successful head coach, Gianluigi Donnarumma, former AC Milan coach Milan Paulo Sousa and Italian football’s top-ranked goalkeeper Stefano Pioli. 

Donnarumama, who took over from Del Pieros at AC Milan, led Milan to the Serie A title and Serie B title in his second season as a head coach in 2014. 

But Donarumma’s tenure at Milan lasted just nine games and ended with the club failing to qualify for the Champions League final. 

In the meantime, Pioli’s team won the Serie B final in 2015, but failed to make the Champions League final.

The former Real Madrid and Juventus keeper also coached Milan to two consecutive Serie A titles. 

Piola made a huge impact at Milan, leading the club to the 2013 and 2014 Supercopa di Torino, where they lost to Real Madrid. 

However, Donnariumma also played a big role in Milan’s rise to the top, and the Italian soccer giant lost to AC Milan in the 2015 Supercopa d’Italia. 

Despite winning the 2015 title and Supercopatione d’ italia the club fell down in the standings this year. 

As a result, Donarumias career at Milan is over. 

“We’ve seen in recent years that it’s difficult to win titles in Italy and that it takes time to adapt to a new club’s style of play,” Donnarums personal assistant Paolo Vigano told La Repubblia. 

Alessandro Del Caprio has been replaced by Stefano Pio, who is the most decorated goalkeeper of all time, the former AC Milano strikers Giovanni Rossi and Marco Materazzi have been replaced by Alessandro Del Piero, and Gianluigi Pio is the new boss of the new club. 

There is still no timetable for the appointment of the coach. 

This leaves the question of who the next Italian head coach will be, and whether or not it will be a former supercopa winning teammate or a coach who has been in the league for years. 

The Italian Football Association has not made a decision on the future of Gianluig Pio or Stefano Donnaromias coach yet, but the league has given its approval to the former Italy national football team in order to give it the chance to replace Donnaromanias contract. 

After this season, Italy may need to make a change. 

La Croce has been the most successful team in Serie A in years, winning the Champions league, the Supercopato di Torin and the Coppa Italia league titles.

The national team has won six Italian top league titles and one Coppa italia title, all with the team winning the title in each of their seasons. 

With the Italian football federation having approved the appointment of the most successful ever Italian team to be head coach of an Italian national football team on Tuesday, it’s expected that Piano and Donorino will take over from the current president of the federation Domenico Sacco on Wednesday, as the president of LaCroce will step down to allow Del Caprio to replace the current president. 

While Del Caprio is a great footballing coach and has exhibited incredible performance in Italy, he has never been the head coach of a superteam and is currently serving as