How to take on Resident Evil revenge in your backyard

A new feature on IGN UK shows you how to make a fun, violent game in your yard with the help of a handful of handy gadgets.

It’s called Resident Evil Vengeance and it’s basically the same as the Resident Evil: Revenge of the Dead version, only with some added extras to keep you on your toes.

Read moreRead moreIt comes in two versions: the Resident EV1: Resident Evil Revenge of The Dead and Resident EV2: Resident EV Revenge of Revenge of Evil. It costs £39.99 and includes a Steam key.

The Resident EV: Revenge game starts with a zombie outbreak.

It’s your job to escape and find the cure, but you’ll need to be quick and cunning to avoid the hordes of undead.

You’ll be aided by the Resident Spy, who can track you down with a camera, and a shotgun called the Hammer.

These guns have their own special powers and abilities.

You can activate the Hammer to shoot the undead from the distance, which is great for chasing after the Resident Evs, but it’s also dangerous and can cause massive damage if you accidentally shoot them.

To activate the Shotgun, you’ll have to hold down the trigger for a few seconds.

When you do, you can either shoot the zombies directly, or you can activate a special move called a “shooting range”, which fires a bullet straight at them, causing massive damage.

The Hammer is a bit more complex.

It has two modes: one that fires a shot straight at you, and one that shoots a bullet that travels in a straight line.

The first mode is more powerful than the second, but also slower, so it’s a bit less useful for chasing down zombies, and it also fires more slowly.

There are other weapons too.

The Hammer is able to fire small grenades that are useful for picking off enemies or throwing a small firework.

There’s also a shotgun that fires small pellets that can be thrown to scare zombies away.

The game also comes with a whole bunch of extra features, including a new level called “Bunker”, which lets you take on zombies in the form of the zombie-infested basement of your home.

You don’t have to beat the game before you start, but after you beat the level, you’re allowed to go back to your house to play the final chapter.

Once you beat all of the main story missions, you unlock the game’s second chapter, “Escape”.

The game features more enemies and a more difficult difficulty.

The level starts off with the standard Resident Evil levels, but as you progress through the levels you unlock new areas that are more difficult and have more enemies.

The last thing you need to do to complete the game is get your key from the game store.

You need to get a free key from Resident Evil UK for the game, which comes in a variety of colours.

There’s a whole load of other games available on Steam.

The game that’s the easiest to play is Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

It includes a free copy of the game and a free version of the PC version of Resident Evil 4: Nemesis, but they only offer the game for £4.99.

If you want the PC or console versions of the first three games, you have to pay £19.99 for the full package.

Here’s what you need:You need a keyboard and mouse to play a Resident Evil gameYou need at least one of the following:Windows: An Nvidia GTX 650 graphics card or AMD FX-6200 processor (4GB RAM)Recommended for: gamers that like to play online (PC gamers only)Mac: A 64-bit Intel Core i5 processor, at least 2GB RAMRecommended for:- Mac gamers (at least two users) that like the game to run on multiple monitors at the same timeRecommended for Mac gamers that have more than two monitorsRecommended for PC gamers: gamers who have at least two monitors in their houseRecommended for Steam users: gamers with Steam installedRecommended for gamers that prefer the look of Resident Revenge: The Resident Evil Revelations game, or the Resident-Evil game: Resident-evil revenge of the dead.

You’ll need at most:The PC: The following processors are recommended for playing the game:AMD FX-4350 4GB or Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2GBRecommended for, at most, Mac gamers and gamers that don’t mind a little extra performance: AMD FX 5970 2GB or AMD Phenom II X4 940 3GBRecommended, at best, Mac users that prefer to have a better graphics card, and at most Mac users: Intel HD Graphics 6000 Recommended for gamers: AMD Radeon HD 5770 Recommended for PC players: Intel Core II X5-2600K 3GB or equivalentRecommended for users who prefer to play with a mouse and keyboard: a Microsoft Windows 10 x64 processorRecommended for Xbox gamers: Microsoft Windows 7 x64 or AMD Radeon RX 480 Recommended for Steam players: AMD