‘Game of Thrones’ fans are now facing a zombie outbreak

Residents in a New York City neighborhood have been told to stay indoors after a local resident found a zombie that had been living inside their house.

The resident, who has not been identified, found the infected man and called police after noticing the man was moving around in the living room, NBC News reported.

The man was later found to be dead, and a police report revealed the man had been bitten by a zombie and was hospitalized with what was described as a high fever.

The city’s Department of Public Health said it’s not clear if the man who was bitten had contact with the resident.

Neighborhoods across the city have been inundated with the outbreak, which has been described as the first outbreak of its kind in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the outbreak is believed to be the first case of the disease in New York State, the New York Daily News reported Friday.

The virus has killed more than 400 people across the country, including at least nine Americans, and has caused over 1,400 illnesses.