How to stop resident alien murder spree: How to spot signs and avoid getting a murder charge

The resident alien crime spree is getting even worse.

According to the latest statistics, there have been nearly 4,400 confirmed and suspected resident alien murders in the country since the end of 2016.

That’s almost four times the number of murder victims recorded in 2015, when there were only around 1,000 confirmed and 1,600 suspected cases.

The rate of killings has been rising since the summer of 2016, when the number jumped to over 5,000 in just the first two weeks of the year.

In fact, it has surpassed the total number of killings registered in the first six months of this year.

According a press release from the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, resident alien homicide rates have tripled since June.

That number is expected to rise further in 2017.

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This article has been amended to include an updated list of reported crimes by country.