What’s happening to Brooklyn’s resident flats?

Residents of the Brooklyn apartment complex where the deaths of five people were committed have told how the fire is affecting the neighbourhood and its residents.

The Brooklyn Fire Department says a “major” fire is burning in the apartment complex and that firefighters are treating it as a major fire.

“We’re trying to put the pieces together, and hopefully by the end of the day we’ll have the whole picture,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

“It’s a really sad situation and we’re just trying to keep it in perspective.”

Adams says the blaze has destroyed four homes, but said there are still two firefighters and an air-quality monitor working in the building, which is in Brooklyn Heights.

The fire started at a laundry room and was under control after just over two hours, the fire department said in a news release.

The city is currently working to find out what caused the blaze.

Brooklyn Heights has been under a mandatory evacuation order for the past two weeks.

Firefighters are currently working in a building on the south side of the building that has been gutted and a large part of the basement is completely engulfed in flames.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, and the cause is not yet known, said the department.

Residents have told the department that they are fearful of the fires spreading into their neighbourhood, and that they would like to know more about the cause of this blaze.

The building is home to several businesses, including a jewelry store, a pharmacy, a laundromat and a nail salon, the department said.

Residents of nearby Brooklyn Heights, New York, have also told the news media that they have been concerned about the fire, and residents have also been calling for the evacuation of the area.

“The building was just a complete shell when I first got there,” said James Stinson, a resident of the apartment building.

“People are dying, and it’s a complete disaster.

There’s no fire department, no firefighters, nothing.”

Stinson said he and his family had been living in the complex for about two years and had never seen a fire in their neighbourhood.

“I’ve never heard of anything like this, I’ve never seen something like this before,” he said.

“There are a lot of people who are scared to come out of the complex because of the smoke and the flames.”

Brooklyn Heights Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said the fire “is a disaster of the worst magnitude,” and that residents should stay away from the area “until the end” of the blaze, according to the New York Post.

The New York City Fire Department has dispatched its firefighters to the scene, the borough’s public safety commissioner said in the news release, and has sent a team to investigate the cause.

“Our investigators have determined that a fire started on a laundry area of the premises,” the department wrote.

“This fire is not a controlled situation and has now been completely contained.

We are conducting a thorough investigation and will provide updates as the investigation proceeds.”

The cause and severity of the flames remains unclear, and a fire investigator is expected to visit the apartment complexes complex in the coming days.

The blaze has been rated a “hazard” by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and is under a $1.4 million federal insurance policy.