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US citizens have been denied entry into Canada, a US permanent resident has revealed.

The US consulate in Toronto says US citizens should be able to visit Canada as long as they are not visiting the country for “special or extraordinary reasons” and do not intend to stay permanently.

The issue was raised in a letter sent to the consulate from the American Embassy in Ottawa.

The letter, obtained by Reuters news agency, says the US embassy has been advised by US authorities to allow US citizens who intend to visit the country to do so.

The embassy declined to provide a copy of the letter.

The letter, dated November 1, says Canadian officials are in contact with US authorities.

“The United States Government will continue to work with Canada to help the United States resolve these issues,” the embassy wrote in the letter dated November 3.

“Please note, if you have been in Canada for less than three months, you may have already been approved to visit.”

Canada’s ambassador to the US, David MacNaughton, said on Wednesday he was unaware of any Canadian requests for visas, but the US was the only country that had received the embassy’s request.

“I haven’t been aware of any requests,” MacNaugton told reporters in Washington.

Canada does not have a diplomatic mission in the United Kingdom, but its consul general in New York has been visiting Toronto regularly.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has been accused of hypocrisy for the long delay in granting permanent resident status to Americans, who have been given a green card for the first time since 2009.

Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney has said his government will work to ensure the US government can continue to provide services to Americans without restrictions, but his government has also made it clear that Canadian nationals cannot stay in the country indefinitely.

Canada is the only Western country to grant permanent residency status to all foreign nationals who are not Canadian citizens, and has refused to grant it to other nationals.