I don’t want to live in my house

VEGAS – The word ‘residential’ has come to mean ‘small’ in this small-town of 5,000.

The small-city residents here don’t know much about the world outside their walls.

They don’t speak English, and the language of the townspeople is not Chinese.

Vegas residents are also pretty much all over the place.

It’s a small town that’s become a haven for the homeless.

There are homeless camps, drug houses, and a makeshift church.

But here, the homeless can still make their own rules, which they use to create their own lives.

I have to pay my own way to the vet clinic and they charge me for that.

That’s why I’m so happy to be a Vegas resident.

“Living here is not like a prison,” says resident Sam Rangasamy.

He’s one of the residents at the RV park, a place where people can sleep out on the grass and eat in the sunshine.

You can rent a room here for about $200 a night, and there’s even a restaurant in town.

Rangasery says he can’t afford to rent an apartment in Las Vegas because of his disability, and his apartment is too far from the RV parks.

My sister has a house in Miami, so she has to rent in Vegas to get the house up and running.

She says she feels like a criminal.

She says her sister is homeless because of a car accident.

Sam says that the people in Vegas have been good to him.

When I was homeless, they would give me money and give me clothes and shoes and things to wear.

But now, they don’t care.

They just want me to get off the street.

We live in a place with so much going on.

I feel like it’s all just taken away from me.

Every night, people bring food to the homeless camp, and they can even buy snacks from the vending machine.

Residents at the nearby RV park say that the homeless people are mostly good neighbors.

All of the homeless are living in one area.

Many of the people here, they say, are doing it to save money for the vets.

What is Vegas?

VEGAS, Nevada – A small city with a population of less than 3,000, Vegas is a popular destination for tourists.

A visitor at the casino resorts has no idea what it is that makes it so special.

Is Vegas a place to go for the day?

A place to stay for the night?

A refuge from the elements?

Is Vegas the place for a family vacation?

Or are the RV camps here a refuge from all of this?

The answer is no.

This is the home of the RV Park, which is a place for people to spend the night outdoors and to eat.

At the RV Parks RV park on the outskirts of Las Vegas, the community is divided into camps for the disabled, homeless and drug users.

Some RV parks have a barber and a barbershop.

Others have an outdoor swimming pool.

For those that live in one of these camps, the RV camp is an important part of their daily life.

In one camp, for example, one of my brothers is an emergency medical technician.

While he’s away, he works with the vets, and he also serves as a community resource officer for the city.

As he tells me, the vet clinics are a real pain in the butt for him.

The vets have to drive him and the rest of the staff around the city, he says, and it’s an inconvenience for everyone else.

These vets are working with the homeless and other people in need.

But, they’re also working with someone else’s problems.

One of the most basic things we do here is to help each other out.

And they do it with dignity.

Even the staff at the clinic are here for a living.

Inside the RV RV park where the RV encampment is, I see people who are living on the street and working at their RV.

Sometimes they have to sleep outside on the streets, and sometimes they work in the shops.

Others come to the RV and live here on the front porch.

If you are going to be homeless, you should not be living on your front porch, says Rangrasamy.

You should live in your own house.

And he says that RV camps are a refuge for the people who need a home.

Those who can’t make their way to a homeless shelter, can come to a RV park and rent a tent.

People who need housing are also attracted to these RV parks because they can rent the rooms for a week, or even months, and then go back to their homes.

After a few weeks, people return to their old lives.

And the homeless