What does the name ‘Gehry’ mean?

A little-known French language word is now being used by players on the international scene as a way of expressing a shared emotion.

The word ‘gehri’ means ‘a little’ in English.

The meaning of ‘gehrry’ is unclear.

However, it is an expression of the shared emotions of the resident alien.

It is an extremely emotive word in French.

On Tuesday, the French Football Association (FFA) unveiled the official crest of its domestic champions FC Porto, which features a picture of a red-haired, blonde-haired gehrry.

The logo of the club is printed on the shirt.

The crest, which is a tribute to the club’s heritage, was unveiled at a ceremony in the French capital Paris on Tuesday.

The players wore shirts with the crest on them.

It is not clear why the team chose this expression of emotion for its crest, or why it is being used in this way.

Porto’s crest is not being used for sporting reasons, but it is not the first time this word has been used in France.

Last year, the football club Lille was forced to replace the word ‘lille’ with ‘geht’, as a result of a row between supporters.

The club also replaced ‘L’ with a ‘G’ and ‘H’ with an ‘H’.

This is not a unique instance.

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) has also used the word gehrRY for a few years.

In 2015, for example, it adopted a logo that used the words ‘Gehrry’, ‘geher’, ‘Ghent’, ‘Hivon’ and so on.