What we know about the coronavirus outbreak in South Africa

The death toll from the coronovirus outbreak is at an all-time high and health officials say they have little idea how many people died.

The health ministry said Thursday that the death toll in South African coronaviruses rose to 13,072, with more than 3,000 deaths reported in the country.

That’s an increase of almost 1,000 from the previous week, but the government said there is little to suggest the total number of people infected is increasing or has dropped in recent weeks.

The government has said the increase in the death count is largely due to an increase in deaths in hospitals.

The death toll is the highest in South America and the highest among African nations.

The government has been working on a plan to prevent more deaths in the coming weeks.

It’s been asking doctors, nurses and other health workers to wear masks, stop wearing gloves and get vaccinated.