When is the next home for you and your family?

I have always had a lot of questions about how my family will be able to live at my new place in a new city.

Will they be able access social services and get the support they need?

Will they still be able get a mortgage and be able buy a house?

Will their new home be on public or private land?

Will they be free to roam and see what they want?

Will their new location be near my friends, family, and friends’ families?

Will my neighbours be able come to the house and visit us?

Will I be able make friends with my new neighbours?

Will the new place be close to my kids’ school?

Will I be free from the stress of living in a house full of strangers?

Will there be a curfew?

Will my children be able attend school?

Will school go on as scheduled?

Will there be free public transport?

Will we have access to water, electricity, and the internet?

Will we be able afford to rent the house?

Will the new location offer a good location for a wedding?

Will new neighbours have a good idea about what to expect in the new neighbourhood?

Is there a chance that the new house is a better fit for us than the old one?

Will it be a good place for a business to open or expand?

Will you be able do business with the new neighbours or the old ones?

Is there an issue with the neighbours that needs to be addressed?

Is the new neighbour willing to share their space with me?

What are the most important things that I want to know before I make the move?

Is this the right location for my business?

What are the advantages of the new spot?

Are there issues that I need to address in order to make this a good home for my company?

How will my neighbours and family feel about the new living arrangements?

How can I best navigate these issues?