How to get an ‘unlimited’ resident alien card: Here’s what you need to know

A “family reunion” at a Universal Studios theme park is one thing, but a trip to a Florida mansion?

Or to a luxury hotel?

And why would you want to go to that mansion?

Well, according to the Florida Department of Transportation, those options are now a lot more expensive.

The Florida Department’s Florida Office of Motor Vehicles announced Wednesday that, beginning April 1, it will charge $1,000 for a Florida resident alien driver license for an individual who drives to or from a Universal Orlando Resort theme park.

The driver’s license is valid for six months from the date of issuance, and can be used to get a ride at Universal Orlando’s theme parks.

According to the department, the fee will also apply to any person who drives from or to Universal Orlando or any other Universal Orlando resort.

Universal Orlando Resorts said Wednesday that the fee applies to all driver licenses issued in the state.

Universal parks are a popular destination for Universal theme park visitors.

For example, the Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion attraction opened in January, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened last summer.

The Universal Orlando theme parks also include rides, games and attractions, and many other attractions.

Universal also has Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s California Adventure, and Universal’s Hollywood-area theme parks, and it is owned by the Walt Disney Company.

Universal Orlando Resort is owned and operated by Universal, a theme park company.

Universal theme parks are part of the Walt D. Disney Company, which owns and operates the Walt Hollywood Studios and Walt Disney World resorts, as well as Disneyland and SeaWorld parks.

The new fee will apply to anyone who uses an ID card to travel within the United States for an extended period of time, or who purchases a “family reunions package” from Universal Orlando.

Universal will notify drivers about the new fee, the Florida Office said.

If you plan to go on a family reunion, check with your local Florida DMV office.

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