Resident Evil 7 – A Virtual History

Resident Evil VII – A Visual History article Residual image of the Japanese logo from Resident Evil 2.It is a symbol for the brand of the studio Capcom.Residuous image of Resident Evil 3 logo from Capcom’s most recent game, Resident Evil 4.Resident Evil 5 logo from its most recent title, Resident EVO.Resilient image of ResiEvil […]

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How to avoid hotel bills in Perth

Residents in the suburb of Perth are being asked to cut back on the amount they spend on accommodation and to consider moving to a cheaper place to live.The Perth Hotel Association has advised all residents in the city’s affluent suburbs to cut their spending on accommodation by $150 a month, or $1,600 a year.“You’re […]

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When is the next home for you and your family?

I have always had a lot of questions about how my family will be able to live at my new place in a new city.Will they be able access social services and get the support they need?Will they still be able get a mortgage and be able buy a house?Will their new home be on […]

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What we know about the coronavirus outbreak in South Africa

The death toll from the coronovirus outbreak is at an all-time high and health officials say they have little idea how many people died.The health ministry said Thursday that the death toll in South African coronaviruses rose to 13,072, with more than 3,000 deaths reported in the country.That’s an increase of almost 1,000 from the […]

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