How to Get a Full-Time Job as a Cafe Owner in America

I was born and raised in Chicago and have lived and worked here since 1995.I started out as a bartender, then moved into the kitchen and eventually opened a coffee shop, which eventually became a cafe.At the time I lived in New York, so I was familiar with coffee culture.The only thing I didn’t know […]

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Which is the best city for an aspiring movie director?

The first thing you’ll notice about the new city rankings is that they’re not exactly based on popularity.It’s hard to be an “A”-level producer without being a superstar.What the rankings have done is allow for a little flexibility for aspiring producers.But, to be a star, you need to have a strong enough social media presence […]

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Residents of the Orlando resident evil wiki

The Evil Wiki, a community wiki of resident evil fans, has posted a new article that describes the events surrounding the murder of its own resident Evil Mary Elizabeth Womack, which took place in Orlando in 2018.In the article, Evil Mary, who goes by the pseudonym “Mack”, allegedly attempted to rob the Womacks’ home on […]

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Why the Resident Evil 6 Mansion Inn in Torrance is so scary

Torrance residents have been anxiously awaiting Resident Evil 7.For the uninitiated, Resident Evil is a game set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, California, which has a history of being overrun by zombies.Resident Evil 5 took place in San Francisco, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter took place over the Bay Area.Resident Earth was released last […]

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How to stop resident evil: Do the right thing

Resident Evil, a popular horror franchise in India, has come to a virtual end.The franchise, which has become the poster child of India’s violent gangs, is over and the franchise’s producer, Viacom India, announced on Tuesday that the franchise would end on October 26, 2018.Resident Evil’s creator, Shinji Mikami, had said that he would end […]

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How to deal with gyns on a short-term basis

GYNS: The term is commonly used to describe an individual or couple that has a child and a partner who is either a parent or a surrogate parent of the child, depending on the jurisdiction.This can happen for a variety of reasons.One reason is because of a lack of suitable resources to raise a child […]

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