How to get a better US visa for your family and friends

How to apply for a US visa after a trip to the US.You can apply online or in person.You must apply within the next 60 days of the trip, as long as the trip lasts more than six months.Once you have applied, you can visit your local consulate to confirm your visa status.The consulate will […]

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How to Play Country of Residence: Resident Evil 4

The Resident Evil series has never really been about what you want, but what you can do.There’s always something to get you into a game.If you want to do some side missions, there’s always some sort of story.If that’s the case, the Resident Evil franchise is full of them.Resident Evil: Revelations is a good example […]

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How to avoid getting sued in the USA, the UK, and Australia

The UK and Australia have both enacted new laws banning the use of ‘resident evil’ remastered video games as a way to lure children to exploit their parents.The laws were enacted in the wake of the infamous ‘Resident Evil: Extinction’ video game, in which a video game villain named Resident Evil played a video of […]

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