Resident Hospital’s Rental Cabs are Now Available in the US!

Home Care has a brand new online portal that allows residents to rent a car to stay at their local residence, as well as their personal medical, dental, and nursing homes.The new portal also lets residents view and rent cars on their mobile device.The portal was created to allow residents to easily rent their own […]

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How to save Rs 200,000 from a home cinema with a movie house

I have seen a lot of home entertainment in India lately.There is a plethora of things that are being offered to the consumers through such home entertainment services.But most of them are based on a single premise: a movie is coming to the home.But with a few exceptions, such as an outdoor movie theatre or […]

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How to survive the summer on a single bed

As summer comes to a close, it’s no secret that Americans spend a lot of time sleeping.And they do so without even realizing it.But, the new study by the nonprofit advocacy group Families United for Separation of Church and State has found, we’re not actually sleeping much less than we were a few years ago.In […]

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