Artist Talk and Presentation

Artist talk and presentation of artists in residence at Aria was held on Saturday, April 13th and Elham Shafaei (Iran), Tere Recarens (Spain) and Giuseppe Barilaro (Italy) Showed some of their previous projects and what they are doing here in Tehran during their stay at residency.

Special thanks to Mahtab Mokhber and Anahita Bagheri for helping us in translation.

جلسه معرفى و گفتگوى هنرمندان اين ماه خانه هنر آريا، روز شنبه 24 فروردین 1398 در کالری آریا برگزار شد و الهام شفاعی (ایران)، تره رکارنس (اسپانیا) و جوزپه باریلارو (ایتالیا) به معرفی فعالیت‌های هنری خود پرداختند.