How to handle animal crossings on the Mumbai Metro train

Mumbai Metro is known for its high-speed trains, but a few months ago the Metro had to change its approach when it had to deal with animals crossing the tracks at high speeds.Animal crossings were common on the metro’s trains in the last couple of months, with the number of animals crossing at high speed […]

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How to play Resident Evil 5 on PS4

A PS4 version of Resident Evil: Resurgence is now available for download, and it has been rated PG.It is not immediately clear how much of a difference the change in rating will make.Resident Evil games tend to have high ratings on PSN, but the rating can be as low as a single star on the […]

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I don’t want to live in my house

VEGAS – The word ‘residential’ has come to mean ‘small’ in this small-town of 5,000.The small-city residents here don’t know much about the world outside their walls.They don’t speak English, and the language of the townspeople is not Chinese.Vegas residents are also pretty much all over the place.It’s a small town that’s become a haven […]

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