The Case of the Uneducated and the Uninsured

The Uneducated Are the Only People who Have No Health Insurance article I’ve never really understood how people who can’t afford health insurance are so desperate for it.It’s not just that their doctors, hospitals, and doctors’ offices are out of practice.It is that they are desperate.It just isn’t possible to have a decent life without […]

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Residents of the Orlando resident evil wiki

The Evil Wiki, a community wiki of resident evil fans, has posted a new article that describes the events surrounding the murder of its own resident Evil Mary Elizabeth Womack, which took place in Orlando in 2018.In the article, Evil Mary, who goes by the pseudonym “Mack”, allegedly attempted to rob the Womacks’ home on […]

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Why the Resident Evil 6 Mansion Inn in Torrance is so scary

Torrance residents have been anxiously awaiting Resident Evil 7.For the uninitiated, Resident Evil is a game set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, California, which has a history of being overrun by zombies.Resident Evil 5 took place in San Francisco, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter took place over the Bay Area.Resident Earth was released last […]

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How to choose the right permanent resident in Canada

You’re about to find out which permanent residents are the most desirable and the least desirable in Canada, and whether the government can get them all.You’ll also find out whether you’re getting the best of both worlds. The federal government is aiming to get more permanent residents into Canada, but there are a number of factors […]

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Why is Resident Evil 3 not getting a release date?

Resident Evil 4 has officially been greenlit for a 2017 release date.A release date was announced by Capcom in an official press release on Monday, which was published on the website of Capcom Japan.Capcom has not confirmed a date for the game’s release, but we can make a guess based on the official press statement.The […]

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How to get a new job in Seattle

Seattle is still struggling with a shortage of skilled workers.But, if you’re looking for a new career, it might be worth taking a look at the city’s many vacant properties.The number of vacant housing units in Seattle is now at a record high, with more than 1,600 units in city-owned properties.In November, the Seattle Housing […]

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