Which is the funniest Resident Evil movie?

Resident Evil 7: biohazard is out on the big screen in cinemas now, but it’s not the first time a sequel has been made.In 2007, an R-rated remake of Resident Evil 5 was released, followed by an even more raunchy reboot in 2010.Resident Evil: Raccoon City is currently the most recent R-rating game to get […]

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How to become an anesthesiologist

Resident evil games are a great place to start for anyone looking to take their first steps into a career in the medical profession.For more than three decades, Resident Evil has been a staple in the Resident Evil universe, and with its iconic locations and distinctive plot, the series has become one of the most […]

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How to beat the Resident Evil Umbrella franchise

Resident Evil 2 has been on the backburner for a few years now, but the franchise has finally been able to move on from its first title and it seems as if the franchise will be able to take the leap once again in the future.According to a recent report from Japanese magazine Famitsu, Capcom […]

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How to book a hotel in Phoenix – Etihad Residence

Phoenix – “You get a free hotel.It’s not like it’s on your budget, you have to pay for it,” says the woman who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal.The hotel, known as Etihad in the region, is part of a new wave of hotel construction in the city.But the arrival of the popular […]

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Which states have a ‘failing’ unemployment rate?

In 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 13.4 million unemployed Americans.In 2018, that number was 15.1 million.That means that the U-5 population of unemployed Americans has grown by more than 2.3 million.This is according to an analysis by Bloomberg Businessweek, which shows the “failing” unemployment rate among the 13.5 million […]

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How to survive a zombie apocalypse

A zombie apocalypse isn’t going to kill everyone.But, with the outbreak already at epidemic levels, it could leave many people stranded in the most remote and inaccessible parts of the country.A few tips to get through this deadly zombie apocalypse are here.1.Make sure you’re wearing your zombie survival gear.You can get some useful supplies from […]

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