Giuseppe Barilaro
Giuseppe Salvatore Barilaro was born in Catanzaro the 16th of July 1988.
After studying arts at the school of arts in San Giovanni in Fiore, he continues his studies graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro, specialising in Decoration.
His modus operandi prefers the manipulation of ‘vergin’ materials, wearable but also ductile, in order to trace the path of life on the material by himself; and it’s with the wood that he, inherent by the previous features, has established a still present imprinting.
In his works, it would be reductive to treat the study of the forms ignoring his correlation with the “substance” which is the protagonist of the work itself.
The interventions the artist does on the body of the support are: combustion of the wood, skinning and incision of it; treatment with combustioned acrylics, in order to show the soul, the energy and the past of the traced figure.