How to get a better US visa for your family and friends

How to apply for a US visa after a trip to the US.You can apply online or in person.You must apply within the next 60 days of the trip, as long as the trip lasts more than six months.Once you have applied, you can visit your local consulate to confirm your visa status.The consulate will […]

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How to get your first residency interview

When you first get to Australia, you’re expected to prove that you have the skills and know-how to help fill the positions that are being advertised in the area.You’ll need to get a job, you’ll need a business licence, you will also need to prove you are a good fit for the role.And, of course, […]

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Texas residency card for permanent residents of Austin

Texas residency cards have become a fixture in the life of many permanent residents, and even the city of Austin.Residents of Austin and nearby cities can now use the Texas residency-related card to live, work, visit friends and relatives, apply for jobs and other benefits, and receive a free health insurance premium subsidy for at […]

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Ten things you need to know about rent-a-cafe’s chief resident salary

Rent-a.c.a.Chief resident salary: $180,000 per yearThe salary for chief resident employees is not the same as that for the chief operating officer or other employees.The salary varies depending on the type of business.It’s typically $180 to $200,000 annually, but there are exceptions, like the chief executive officer and chief financial officer.It also varies by geographic […]

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How to Play Resident Evil 1: Licker

What is Resident Evil?Resident Evil is a first-person horror video game, released by Capcom in 1992.Its sequel, Resident Evil 2, was released in 2000, and the third game, Resident Darkness, came out in 2008.The series has been around since 1987, and in 2016, Capcom announced a reboot of the series.Here are some tips for playing […]

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